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  • Country : Peru

  • Languages : Spanish, Quecha and Aymara

  • Peru  : located on the Pacific Rim in South America

  • Inhabitants  : 32,000,000 inhabitants

  • Currency  : Sol

  • 21  Airports, I discovered that of Cuzco, Lima and Trujillo

  • Climat  : Tropical in the East, desert and dry in the West

  • Dry season : May to October

  • Wet season : November to April

  • Air temperature  : 19 - 28°C

  • Water temperature: 17 - 22°C

  • Highest point : Huascarán Ida (6768 m)


I spent 14 nights in Peru in September 2018.

Here are my steps on this trip. If you want to know more, I let you discover the bookmarks and related posts.


1 night transit in Lima .

In the Center of the Country, in the Sacred Valley, I discovered the famous  Cuzco where I spent 3 nights .

In the same area I continued my trip to the small village of Ollantaytambo where I spent 2 nights.

1 night transit by bus.

In the Andes Cordillera, I continued my trip with Huaraz for 2 nights.

1 night transit in Trujillo.

I ended my trip with 4 nights in Huanchaco , this small fishing village on the edge of the Pacific.


Good discovery and do not hesitate to contact me for more information...

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