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Martinique - 1 week on the flowers island

The West Indies in winter have the merit of making everyone agree, it is the perfect destination. 1 week is still short to discover this island but we were not frustrated either.

We left Lyon, renting our car park thanks to Onepark (which I used even before he trusted me, you have 10% on your first reservation here). We took the train with the TGV Air formula with Air Caraïbes. We arrived in 2 hours at Orly airport. It's not the first time I've used this formula and it's really perfectly organized. The flight is going well and we arrive 1 hour ahead of schedule.

For this stay, we booked our car at a new compagny (Zook auto), and evertything was going well.

After that, we went to the North of the island, closed to Saint Pierre for our first night and our first part of our trip. I have the habbit to use AirBNB and for our first apartment and our 3 nights, we loved our choice !


Starting our first true day, we went to the North at the village the Prêcheur. We decided to do a small hike a the waterfall Rivière Trois Bras closed to Anse Couleuvre. The road to access to the parking is very small and the parking too. It was not easy event if we arrived at 8:00 am. In Martinique we have to live with the sun and wake up really early.

The hike is about 1h30 (round-trip), it'n not difficult. You can discover a tropical vegetation and you can have the chance to see (or bad-luck, it depends of you) the Martinique tarentula : la Matoutou. We did not see it !

After this hike, we went tothe beach called Anse Couleuvre we continued our hike on the path to Grand Rivière. We did not do the entire hike to go to Grand Rivière but it's possible if you want and it should takes about 6h. You can take a boat to coming back.

After Anse Couleuvre, we went to the others beaches Anse Levrier and Anse à voiles. the last beach was really amazing and really wild. We were alone the most of the time.

After this busy day we took a dring at Saint Pierre on the beach. We came home for the end of the day where the view was pretty nice at this hour.


For this new day, we decided to clim the Montagne Pelée. There are 3 different hikes :

  • The path called Aileron starts at Morne-Rouge with4 kms and 575D+ : it's the easiest path and also the path with the most of people. It takes approximatively 4 hours to do.

  • The path called Grande Savane starts at the Prêcheur with 1.5kms and740D+: it's the shortest path. It takes approximatively 2 hours to do.

  • The path called Morne Macouba starts at Beauséjour with 8kms and1170D+ : it's the highest path, quite hard, however the landscape is very various. It takes approximatively 6 hours to do.

For this hike, we chose the path called Morne Macouba and honestly even if I love hiking, it was difficult. With the wind, the humidity and the heat, the hike was complicated. If you have vertigo or children I do not recommend this trail, there are sometimes very steep portions and you are close to climbing at times. On the other hand, we didn't meet anyone and the landscapes were really fabulous. Few photos that day (when I'm tired, I put the camera away!).

After this hard hike, we decided to combine it with a visit to the JM distillerie. It's one of the only free distilleries on the island and it's very well organised. We really enjoyed the visit.


New day in the North before joining Sainte-Luce for this new night in a magnificent eco-luxury accommodation. This day, we decided to take a rather atypical hike along the Canal Beauregard, also known as the Canal des Esclaves.

It was built in 1760 and was used to transport water from the Carbet River to homes on the Caribbean coast and to irrigate crops. The hike is relatively short 3.5 km (one way) and it takes between 1h and 1h30 because the path is relatively narrow. If you are dizzy, go your way because the curb of the canal on which we circulate do not exceed 30 cm at times and we overlook ravines of more than 100 meters. On the other hand, the environment throughout the hike is extraordinary, you will be immersed in the tropical and luxuriant natural environment. It was my favorite in terms of hiking.

Before to join Saint Luce, we wanted to do the waterfall called Saut de Gendarme, however, there was too much people and finally we directly went to the famous vu Garden Balata. The visit is expansive for a garden however as but it was our only paying visit of the stay (14€/adult and 8€/child) so we did it and we didn't regret it. You have the opportunity to see plants from several places in the world and also walk on suspension bridges.

It takes approximatively 1h30 of visit to enjoy the entire garden. On our side, we were there during the lunch break and it was very quiet.

We finally reached Sainte-Luce and we took advantage of the Mayouba beach near our accommodation before being able to pick it up around 3 p.m. We enjoyed ourselves during this stay and we took advantage of the StarDome accommodation at Dom Nature Lodge. It is clearly a budget but it was really extraordinary and I am delighted to have had the chance to realize this experience.

After a wonderful early evening we went for a drink at Aglae Beach Club before eating at Pura Vida where we were eaten our lobster. Both places were very nice.

Best evening before to join our perfect place.


First day in the South of Martinique and it was busy. To begin, we started with a really nice breakfast in our lodge.

We were advised to climb Morne Larcher where we dominate the town of Diamant and where we saw its famous rock.

The ascent is short but the path is steep in a rocky chaos in the forest, with some easy climbing steps. We had no particular difficulties but we met some people in difficulty, especially on the descent.

On the descent, I absolutely wanted to see the famous pontoon at Anses d'Arlets. I was afraid of being disappointed and that there would be a lot of people, but we opted to go there during the lunch break and it was an excellent choice because it was relatively quiet.

This small village is for me the emblem of Martinique and we loved walking there.

Speaking with a few locals we were advised to eat at the restaurant furthest from the beach to avoid the tourists and it was reasonably ok for a meal on the beach. The restaurant is "Aux pieds du Morne Champagne".

We continued our afternoon at the famous beachs called Anse Noire and Anse Dufour. This is where we had the chance for the first time in our lives to swim with turtles. Anse Noire beach is relatively wild while that of Anse Dufour is more touristy and accessible.

he end of the day ended by joining our last house for 2 nights on the high of Saint Anne. This time too we went through AirBNB. Our housewas okay but you necessarily need a car if you are in this area.


For this new day in the South, we decided to start with Cap Malcré and the hike called Trace des Caps. ap Malcré and Trace des Caps. This track is 30 km long and passes through wild beaches and superb creeks. We wanted to find the famous heart in the rock so we did the Cap Macré - Cap Chevalier section. It takes about 3 hours round trip.

The trail presents no difficulties and the hike is relatively flat. The change in vegetation compared to the North is striking, goodbye green and welcome to cacti.

These holidays were relatively sporty and it was time to do nothing on a beach. To do this, we were to Anse Meunier and the famous Anse Saline. If you have children, I really recommend Anse Meunier, there is little depth and the sea is very calm. For Anse Saline, it is considered the most beautiful beach in Martinique but it is more choppy. You have a part of the hike the Trace des Caps which joins the two beaches in approximativey 20 minutes.

Anse Meunier was my favorite at the beach level.

For the rest of the day, we went to eat in Saint Anne at the Dunette restaurant. The meal was quite good and we were able to taste the Lambis.


Last day before our plane at 9:30 p.m. We leave the south of the island to reach the famous peninsula of Caravelle.

It is a nature reserve which extends over more than 400 hectares at the end of the peninsula. There are 2 different trails: one of about 1h30 and the second of about 3h30. We decided to make it longer. There is a bit of a drop but it is still quite acceptable. On the other hand it is very hot, take plenty of water.

At the beginning of the 2 possible routes, you will have a superb view of the peninsula.

On the longer path, you will have the impression of being in Brittany with its coast swept by the wind and the spray.

The end of the hike ends with the mangrove and its amazing landscapes.

We had hesitated to do this hike but really we loved it, it's very varied. On the other hand it is also one of the most borrowed that we have done.

As it was Sunday, we had the opportunity to eat a smoked chicken on Tartane beach before waiting for our evening flight. This small village is really typical and you feel good there.

It's time to go home with our TGV Air formula from Air Caraïbes, thank you Antilles and thank you Martinique, you made us dream!


What did you think of this trip to Martinique? Ready to discover this region of the world? Do not hesitate to give me your feedback in comments or to contact me if you want more information.

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