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Looking for a destination, here I group my destinations by ocean and/or continent.


The Mediterranean Sea is full of superb destinations. You can go there for a good part of the year and you will rarely have several consecutive days of bad weather. Here you will find different destination ideas for a long weekend, a week or more....


When we think of the Pacific Ocean, we directly imagine the monstrous waves of Hawaii. It's the largest ocean in the world and there's something for everyone. If you aim for this ocean, you will need at least 10 days ahead of you. 

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Communément appelé l'orient, on se retrouve ici à la croisée de plusieurs mélanges culturels. Il fait chaud en été, plus frais dans la partie continentale lors de nos hivers mais vous en aurez pour tous les goûts. Choc culturel oblige vous pourrez visiter certaines villes lors d'un long week-end ou y passer plus de temps lors de road-trip.


The Atlantic Ocean is common on many continents, you can find it in Eastern Europe, the West Indies, West Africa but also on the entire East Coast of America. Between temperate, tropical or equatorial climate there is something for all tastes and all durations.


Sometimes, I leave the destinations at the edge of the seas and oceans to discover the Lands. Here I make you discover destinations in Central or Northern Europe for long weekends or slightly longer stays.


The Indian Ocean rhymes with paradise for me, it borders many heavenly destinations. Between fine sand, volcanic island, the change of scenery is assured.


Continent rich in culture, I don't know you but I'm taking you to discover Marrakech for a long weekend hoping to grow this family.

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